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We are professionals

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The Ligue unites the worlds’ foremost companies managing this essential foundation in a professional, controlled way. Represented throughout the world, the Ligue plays a vital role in defining and maintaining the highest ethical and professional standards for the private security industry.

Security touches the lives of millions of people across the world. Everyone has the right to live and work in a safe society and have an expectation that their security and safety will be taken care of. The challenge to security firms across the world will be to live up to increasing responsibilities in the public and private sector. It has never been more important to communicate across the industry to discuss risks and to share best practice ideas on how to protect society from the security challenges of today.

The International Security Ligue provides a forum to:

  • Understand global trends
  • Share best practice and ideas 
  • Drive up standards
  • Shape global codes of conduct
  • Provide a global voice for the security industry


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Compliance is the foundation of a secure life in society and a functioning economy. The Ligue strives to develop and implement regulations in order to enhance the professionalism and the quality of the services provided to the security market. The Ligue supports and drives fair competition and compliance of legislation in the global security industry. Therefore it develops and communicates related programs towards target groups in the worldwide market, on governmental platforms and to its members. 

As an industry it is important that we set high standards and that we commit to live up to them – for the sake of the industry and for our individual businesses. We promote core values across the industry, which focus on high standards of:

  • Business ethics
  • Security and risk management expertise
  • Quality of service
  • Employee screening
  • Human rights
  • Health & Safety

Our Market

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As times change, so do the needs of society. Security service providers are active around the globe. At the opposite side of a wide variety of markets stands a remarkably simple driver for security needs: the constant social, economical and political change. Change is the main challenge for security providers in their every day business and it also defines the «raison d’être» of the International Security Ligue.

Today, security services go hand-in-hand with electronics and software, and it doesn’t end there. Developments of the past decades confirm an ongoing combination of human capabilities and intuition with continuously better technical solutions. The member companies of the Ligue constantly push forward the synergies between the human being and technical systems. 

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