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Ligazette No. 24 / July 2018

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The Living Code of Ethics


Ethics Is Where Culture and Value Meet 

| Armin Berchtold |
The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) is one of the fundamental codes of the United Nations. Article 3 gives a strong link to the core of our industry - Security: the right to life, liberty, and security of person belongs to everyone. This link gives us the right lead to the topic of our Industry and Business-Ethics and Sustainability. 
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Ashley Almanza – Lead us to the next milestone

| Ashley Almanza |
Members of the Security Ligue have many important objectives and I have been pleased with the substantial consensus around the top priorities for the Ligue.  Having consulted with members of the Board, my immediate priorities as Chairman of the Ligue will be: Beyond Compliance – promoting the highest professional standards in our industry / Safety and Security – promoting safety and security in our industry / Cash Matters - promoting the value of cash in our society. It is my pleasure to share my thoughts on each of these priorities in this edition of the Ligazette.
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Alf Göransson – Achievements

| Alf Göransson |
After many discussions in the Board of Directors we decided to focus on two main topics. One being compliance in the global security sector and the other to enlarge the private security market. More specifically compliance meant to introduce a code of conduct for all members and then actively as the global security industry leading companies enforce that the industry live by and drive improved compliance, and support initiatives that improves compliance of labor legislation, tax legislation, proper health and safety standards and good working conditions for the guards.
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Art 3: „Everyone has the right to life, liberty, and security of person.

| United Nations | UN Human Right Council | OSCE | UNHCR | Prosegur | Securitas AB  | G4S | 
Central to international relations are The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR). This declaration is one of the fundamental documents of the United Nations. 
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International Security Ligue – Code of Conduct and Ethics

| International Security Ligue | 
With this Code of Conduct and Ethics, the International Security Ligue presents a unified approach and framework of conduct and ethics. 
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Leadership measured through the Lenses of Business Ethics and Sustainability

| MIT/BCG |  ECI (ethics&compliance initiative |       
Over the last two decades to address the importance of sustainability has been ever-growing. In the 90s corporates focused primarily on shareholder maximization. Now more and more are confronted with an ever-growing complexity of their businesses in an also increasing complex stakeholder environment. 
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Trust More Artificial Intelligence or Human Beings? – It’s About Ethics 

| | | 
The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) has brought up the issue how organizations still keep control over the machine made decision making. 
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Code of Ethics – Where Value and Culture Meet

| Institute for Global Ethics | CECP | Globa Business Ethics Survey | Forbes | 
The subject of ethics, or moral philosophy is part of the overall understanding of philosophy. Ethics is systematic, recommending and defending concepts that give guidance to what is right and wrong, justice and crime. 
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Governance Framework – Leading by Example

| G4S |
Corporate Governance importance is growing with the complexity of the business and its environment. Better leaders take a more proactive approach towards corporate governance and also reflect on their capabilities and improve continuously. 
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Solid System for Governance and Management

| Swedish Corporate Governance Board | Securitas AB | 
Good corporate governance ensures that companies are run as efficiently, sustainably, and responsibly as possible for their shareholders' benefit. 
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The Power of Principles 

| United Nations Global Compact | GardaWorld | Prosegur | Securitas AB |
The establishment of the UN Global Impact essential principles contributes to develop systems of governance and also show the power organizing their affairs and conduct. On the examples of Prosegur, G4S, and Securitas AB, we wish to demonstrate, how to integrate these goals and principles into their business case and their day to day operations. 
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Securitas AB Through a Materiality Lens

| Securitas AB |
Securitas AB applies a materiality lens to better understand and manage the non-financial topics that are most important for delivering value to customers, employees, investors and other stakeholders, and building a resilient company. 
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G4S’ Materiality Framework

| G4S Corporate | 
In order to ensure that G4S’ approach to CSR remains focused on the areas that are most relevant to the business and its stakeholders, a wide-ranging materiality assessment of ethical and sustainability issues is carried out.
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How CSR Supports Strategic Goals Achievement 

 | G4S | Prosegur | Securitas AB |
We compare three different members of the International Security Ligue and their way of working and their strategy. Explicitly, we throw an eye on their approach to integrate CSR. 
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G4S’ Risk Management Framework

| G4S | Investors relations | corporate-governance | risk-committee |
Starting from an organizational point, the management at G4S is governed by the Risk Committee of the Board. Its oversights of the Group’s risk management framework seeks to balance a robust approach to risk management, in particular, risk mitigation, with the need to encourage and support the entrepreneurial spirit that drives growth. 
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CSR Environment and Social Impact – Who Cares? 

| Axis Communication | Security Informed | World Economic Forum |
„Who Cares About Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in the security industry?“ Axis Communications does. The company is an excellent example of a security goods and services provider to the security-service industry.
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Societal Impacts – Good Corporate Citizens are Outperformers 

| BCG (Boston Consulting Group) | Deloitte (Consultant) | G4S | 
Many large corporate organizations are aware that they play an ever-growing important role in society and their impact today can easily outgrow that of entire states. For decades, most companies have maximized shareholder returns and created goods and services society needed. 
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G4S – Health and Safety 

| G4S Corporate | Social Responsibility | Securing our People |
Our goal is zero harm. A lot of progress is made in 2017 compared to 2016. Priorities set for 2018, are well on course. 
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CSR and the Role of Education

| Cisco | Axis | 
For a change, let's review customer and supplier industries’ and how they handle education as part of their CSR efforts. 
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Buying Social Public Procurement (SRPP)

| Publication Commissioned by European Commission Directorate-General for Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities |  
Public authorities spend across the EU some 17 percent of the total gross domestic product. That is almost the size of the weight of the UK or the sum of the GDP of the 20 smallest EU countries. 
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Certis is committed to be a good corporate citizen

| Certis Singapore / Asia |
Certis is committed to be a good corporate citizen. We aim to contribute to the communities we operate in by supporting social causes that benefit the underprivileged and youths-at-risk. Our corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts focus on philanthropy and staff volunteerism, seeking to support worthy social causes through meaningful sponsorships. 
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U.S. Security Associates (USA) – Preventing Work Place Violence

| U.S. Associates (USA) | Better Outcomes Case Study | 
The most important security preparations are the ones you hope to never need. Readiness that goes untapped, hopefully for years, but which — when it’s called upon — makes the difference between life and death. 
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U.S. Security Associates (USA) – Safety as a Core Competency

| U.S. Associates (USA) | Better Outcomes Case Study | 
For oil and gas companies, a commitment to safety isn’t a trite pledge buried in the annual report—it’s the foundation of business. 
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U.S. Security Associates (USA) – Immediate and Flexible Response

| U.S. Associates (USA) | better Outcomes Case Study | 
When Hurricane Hits – and a Few Lost Hours Costs Millions – a Bank is Grateful for an Immediate and Flexible Response
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Garda World – „A Man Like You“ to spellbound audience

| GardaWorld | Blog |
This extraordinary and captivating production conveys a message about the importance of dialogue, openness between people and humanity. The piece also touches on the issue of safety while traveling — a problem that GardaWorld understands particularly well, as it’s one of our specialties.
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Garda World – A Ride for a Cause

| GardaWorld | Blog |
Canada’s 911 Ride hosts annual police-escorted motorcycle rides to raise funds for families of fallen emergency service personnel and children who were victims of violent crimes.
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