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Ligazette No. 25 / November 2018 / Digitalization

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Digital Implementation Requires Leadership

| Armin Berchtold | Secretary General, International Security Ligue |
You can think whatever you want about digitalization, but there is no way to stop it or avoid it. Digitalization is on everyone's lips. Many oppose it; many support it. For sure, digitalization is not the “one fits all solution” that will resolve all the problems and avoid all challenges, but it will change our way of doing business in many aspects. 
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A Strong Focus on Digital Technology

| Magnus Ahlqvist |
A rapid transformation of the security industry is continuing, driven by extensive technological advances. Securitas is accelerating the pace towards full digitization and more intelligent security solutions. For our customers, increasingly sophisticated security solutions result in a more secure business environment with fewer disruptions and incidents.
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Digitalization and Logistics / Transportation

| G4S | U.S. Security Associates | 
The three following cases demonstrate not only a cost reduction and efficiency increase of the innermost duty of the security business but also an additional value gain for the customer and its own business and on top an increase in safety and security for the employees of the client and those of the security company. 
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Smart Video Management and Digital Intervention 

| Kötter Security | Case Study Kötter Services | 
Digital innovation fundamentally re-shaping strategy and the way of doing business is a best practice example. Here in the case of an alarm situation, the security company’s earlier role, controlling and directing the process, moved to guiding a more open process where the client can tactically add information while the alarm process is underway. This is a request and need of today’s clients, not to entirely delegate the control, but be part of it while happening. What this process reshapes can now be continuously influenced by the client through an app application. In this example, you learn about a variety of possible smart control applications, that not only add to the success of the client but also increase the safety of the employees of the security company. Two USPs are responsible for the achievement.
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Prepare- Predict- Prevent- Technology Platform

| U. S. Security Associates |
This is an example of platform technology, providing a maximum of flexibility towards tailored solutions for customers in very different sectors. 
The so-called 3P Technology Platform ℠ -  3 P stand for; Prepare Predict Prevent.
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Innovation / Strategy

| Mc Kinsey |
Imagine you stay in calm waters and there is a tsunami approaching. What do you do? The same probably is happening to many companies in front of the coming digitalization which will catch all parts of our lives.
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Digital operating model

| PWC | 
What are the steps toward a digital operating model? First; redefine what digital means to your organization. Second; appoint a Chief Digital Officer (CDO). Third; Focus on the capabilities of your platforms.
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Digital Governance

| Josh Tong | Blog | 
To round of this Ligazette’s No. 25 topic, it would not be complete if we wouldn’t talk about Digital Governance. In principle you have to ask yourself the following key questions: 
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Build your own organization’s culture 

| MIT/Deloitte | Cap Geminis | BCG | Mc Kinsey | 
How do you prepare and align organizations for the digital future? Many organizations discover that despite the digitalization hype and the so-called AI, the human factor still plays a vital role. Can the employees deal with the ever-growing complexity? Are they appropriately prepared about the future challenges? Are they willing to adapt and support the increasing influence of machine learning? 
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Connecting cross functional- and cross border-teams

| Securitas AB | 
To foster full benefits from increasingly more digitalized workplaces, the use of efficient internal communication tools, sharing knowledge is one essential part of the overall success. Connecting cross functional- and cross border-teams collaboration in workplace groups, the faster learning organization becomes reality.  It supports to serve customers better, engage employees and strengthens the company's competitive positioning.
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Employment Changes in the Private Security Industry 

| coESS |
Should you be afraid of the changes to come? NO, as per the latest report, originating from the European Security Industrial Dialogue between the CoESS and the UNI Europa. There is also a BUT, you have to prepare yourself and your organization. 
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Best Practice on Transformation 

Certis reinvents itself with Security+ and new Living LAB 
Case study one: The living LAB 
Case study two; The Skills for Tomorrow's Need – Accelerated by 3D Video Game Technology 
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Statistics of the EU Security Industry

| Security and Investigation Services Statistics in the EU | 
Statistics …hmm? Boring! Not at all, the contrary is true. It can be fun learning, interpreting and drawing conclusions for the future, also to forecast. What about learning from the past, when we are entering in a disruptive period as we do now? Things will not be as they have been in the past. Change is evident in our Security Industry where digitalization is on its way and fast. 
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