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Connecting cross functional- and cross border-teams

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Connecting with colleagues across Securitas

Securitas has started the global launch of Workplace by Facebook during the autumn 2018. This will significantly strengthen the Group’s collaboration capabilities.

In Securitas’ ongoing strategy work, it has become clear that the ability to share knowledge and best practice – both within and between countries – is critical. Internal communication has traditionally been a challenge for large companies, and Securitas is no exception, not least because of the nature of our operations. Many of our employees work at night and often carry out their assignment at customer sites. Most work alone and seldom meet their manager. This has made employee/manager communication difficult. From our recent employee surveys, it has also become evident that more internal communication is one of the most prioritized areas among our employees.

We are now taking steps to improve our capacity in this area. To further strengthen collaboration in Securitas, the global implementation of Workplace by Facebook has started, which will create a powerful tool for internal communication.

Workplace is a collaboration platform presently used by over 30,000 organizations. The platform offers functionality to communicate via groups, to chat with colleagues worldwide and to utilize live video broadcasting. It could be described as a Facebook application for enterprises, meant and facilitated for work and only accessible by the company’s employees. The look-and-feel is very similar to the public Facebook, which makes it easy to start using.

Workplace will help Securitas to:

  • Effectively reach out to ALL our employees, not just office workers, with information and news
  • Improve and enable collaboration, competence sharing and breaking down boundaries
  • Strengthen the ties between employees and grow the Securitas culture


The employees are connected to different groups that are important to the employee’s team or role, and allows for quick and easy sharing of updates from colleagues around the world. This will enable us to improve cross-team and cross-border collaboration, provide feedback and speed up decision making. Workplace News Feed collects conversations from all the groups the employee is a member of and Work Chat can be used for one-to-one text and video calls, as well as conversations with larger groups.

Securitas Sweden was the first entity to implement Workplace. They have used it for a year, with very positive result. All employees have access to the platform, and it has improved the communication in the entity greatly. Workplace will be rolled out in the rest of the organization in phases, beginning during the autumn of 2018. The first phases will involve all office workers. In addition, some countries will roll out Workplace to all employees, including security officers.

Our expectation is that Workplace will make Securitas more efficient in our communication, administration and service delivery. We firmly believe that more efficient communication across all levels within our organization will enable us to better serve our customers, increase engagement, develop our services and drive innovation. This is in line with Securitas’ strategy and our flat organization principle.

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