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Prepare- Predict- Prevent- Technology Platform

| U. S. Security Associates |


This is an example of platform technology, providing a maximum of flexibility towards tailored solutions for customers in very different sectors. The so-called 3P Technology Platform ℠   -  3 P stand for; Prepare Predict Prevent 


Case study one:
Protecting top-notch technology from a silicon valley innovation leader, by secure access control and by preparing officers to enable them to make better-informed decisions. Predicting better through the use of artificial intelligence, thus by reducing the risks. Prevent, through active onsite management in place.


Case study two:
A hospital in Texas found a practical solution to free up officer resources for more critical functions. Hospitals generally deal with ever-rising costs in all aspects of their business.


Case study three:
Managing an incident in property management in an iconic building uncovers value added to them through the use of the 3P platform technology, and last but not least as always when creating value-added; significant cost savings! The additional value gain to then is a better facility management practice, which makes them in their own business more competitive. A question not so new to all of us, 'How can I add value to the customer’s business to make him more successful?' Think first concerning the success of your client; then you will be successful and profitable too.


Insights about P3 Technology Platform ℠: What elements the 3P platform ℠ contains, you can upload a data sheet and also ask for a demonstration


Also there are practical explanations given in the attached video clips: 

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