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Digital Governance

| Josh Tong | Blog | 


To round off this Ligazette’s No. 25 topic, it would not be complete if we wouldn’t talk about Digital Governance. In principle you have to ask yourself the following key questions: 

What is digital governance? 
Digital governance frameworks establish roles, decision-making authority, and accountability for organizations' digital presence which includes social channels, mobile sites, websites, and other web-enabled and internet services and products. A well-designed framework minimizes tactical debates about the management and nature of an organization. A digital presence makes clear who on a team has decision-making authority for areas of the organization. There are two facets of a digital strategy, performance objectives, and guiding principles. 

What is it needed for in my organization? 
It is all about the following elements: D-Framework, D-Strategy, D-Policy, D-Standards, D-Processes, D-Organizational- and Team-structure

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