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Employment Changes in the Private Security Industry

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Should you be afraid of the changes to come? NO, as per the latest report, originating from the European Security Industrial Dialogue between the CoESS and the UNI Europa. There is also a BUT, you have to prepare yourself and your organization. 

The megatrends, not only affect our private security sector but of course others too. Many of the drivers shifting to an accelerated mode will impact employment as a whole. To name only a few, there are changing landscape of threats, demography, migration, and digitalization as a whole and with that the expectations of our clients. 

The process involves understanding, anticipating changes, preparing your people and managing them for the changes to come. Entirely new job profiles will emerge, attracting and retaining the younger generations. Some processes and jobs will disappear. 

It depends a lot on the employee and employer together as to how to approach those changes with a positive attitude towards learning and adapting to cope and succeed with these disruptive challenges. The recent search shows a tight supply of labor in general and even more for the well-skilled workers, trained and capable of coping with tomorrows challenges.
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