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Smart Video Management and Digital Intervention

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Modern security systems are at the heart of new digitalization trends such as "Smart Home" or "Smart City." Video surveillance in conjunction with analytics plays a major role. Key to success is the services designed on top of this. Success specifically includes the services of a modern alarm monitoring center (‘AMC’) in combination with intelligent video management solutions and the self-developed web portal KÖTTER SmartControl Mobile for retrieving live information about intervention assignments. The new KÖTTER AMC opens up new possibilities under the keyword "Security 4.0". 

Video surveillance as part of holistic security concepts is experiencing ever-increasing significance. For the past year, the sales growth in Germany according to the local Association of Security Technology (BHE Bundesverband Sicherheitstechnik e. V.) around 6%. Germany still has a lot of potentials. 

Hundreds of thousands of video cameras are estimated to be available nationwide in public spaces. In comparison, in the UK several million are already installed. High-tech systems, such as the latest state-of-the-art video analysis systems and full-HD IP cameras are opening up new possibilities in the prevention and investigation of criminal offenses. 

"But this protection will only be effective if the alarm does not go anywhere. State-of-the-art alarm monitoring centers come into play with regard to connecting these systems, an essential component of holistic security solutions, to protect public spaces, and company or private properties," explains Andreas Winterott, head of alarm monitoring center from Westdeutscher Wach- und Schutzdienst Fritz Kötter SE & Co. KG in Essen, part of the KÖTTER Group. 


Qualified Alarm Pre-screening and Live Intervention 
If necessary, these monitoring centers not only alert intervention teams or police, but advanced digitization also enables qualified alarm pre-checks. Video alarm images can be received and processed at all workstations in the KÖTTER Security AMC. Therefore, the AMC specialists can analyze the situation on-site via a video-live circuit and decide on the adequate measures. Video solutions, enhanced with an audio connection, enable employees to intervene live in the event and to target unauthorized persons on the premises. Damage can be prevented right from the start of an incident. 

Example: Three people gain unauthorized access to a construction site and work on an excavator. Immediately an alarm is received by the alarm monitoring center. An employee addresses the suspected burglars via a microphone, and they take flight. Andreas Winterott adds, "Further tracking of people is possible through the automatic movement control of the video device. 

Important information about perpetrators can be secured and forwarded to the police if deemed necessary to follow the perpetrators outside the perimeter of the construction site. The customer can instantly access through an app on his smartphone all information of the ongoing operation at his construction site." 


Advantage Through Process Optimization 
If an incoming alarm indicates that there is no dangerous situation, the alarm signal on the customer app can be remote-reset by the alarm monitoring center. The large video screen provides additional capabilities at the alarm monitoring center . 

In complex situations, specific image sections can be analyzed centrally in a large-scale display and high-resolution device. At the same time, the giant video screen optimizes the internal coordination and thus the efficient processing in the interest of the customers in the event of high incoming alarm signal traffic, due to the bundling presentation of all incoming signals and messages. 

Regarding process optimization, the innovative KVM technology (keyboard, video, mouse) is crucial. Andreas Winterott: "All AMC connected systems and all alarm inputs are operable via just one user interface. The connection enables faster reaction times, the optimization of alarm verification and processing, and the highest possible and consistent quality assurance for an even more reliable security service – around the clock, 365 days a year ". 


Info Access for Customers Anytime and Anywhere 
One more unique sales proposition of the alarm monitoring center results from the combination with the KÖTTER SmartControl Mobile application. The web portal provides customers with a comprehensive overview of current (and past) interventions. It offers tailored emergency services and enhances the occupational safety of the intervention forces. 

They are in constant contact with the AMC, through a device which sends status messages on a continuous basis. Customers can retrieve information about ongoing missions at their property at any time and from any location. The access includes crime scene photos uploaded in a live manner by the intervention forces. 

The security forces, in turn, have direct access to important documents such as intervention instructions, property maps and details of the contact persons. Thanks to an automated workflow, systematic data collection and worldwide 24/7 online access, the customer has maximum availability and transparency.


Tailwind Through Intelligent Data Analysis 
The ever-growing flood of data which is captured by video surveillance and access control technology takes corporate security to a new level when analyzing and harnessing the data. For this purpose, KÖTTER Security is a shareholder of Morphean SA Switzerland, the market leader of secure service platforms via Cloud and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. Customers benefit from high-tech solutions that enable them to optimize the management of their big data and generate entirely new insights. 

Through a focused evaluation of the collected data, classic video and access control systems upgrade to intelligent and proactive applications to increase prevention further. Generation of new service benefits for customers in various industries is possible. 

Example: Customers entering a store, can be analyzed by their behavior such as customer lapses or rest time. The observation makes it possible to tailor product offerings or store designs to target groups. Further optimization of the shopping experience makes it possible to manage waiting lines. The overview of the number of customers queued up at the checkout at a given time, not only supports employee resource management but can also be used to measure the impact of advertising. 

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