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A Strong Focus on Digital Technology

| Magnus Ahlqvist |


A rapid transformation of the security industry is continuing, driven by extensive technological advances. Securitas is accelerating the pace towards full digitization and more intelligent security solutions. For our customers, increasingly sophisticated security solutions result in a more secure business environment with fewer disruptions and incidents.

The ability to capture, analyze and respond to rich data will make it possible to enhance existing operations and create new business opportunities. That is why Securitas continues to invest to drive digitization at the same time as we are modernizing our information systems and capabilities.

We are aiming to digitize everything we do, including the work of the security officers. Today, a large part of the information from customer sites is reported in a digital format. This gives Securitas a unique opportunity to gather all possible data – from incident reports, camera feeds, sensors and access control – and to combine it with data from external sources, such as crime statistics and police reports.  We are utilizing this wealth of data in combination with advanced analytics to monitor ongoing threats, draw conclusions about future events and make real-time adjustments of actions and security levels, depending on the changing needs of our customers. By transforming data into intelligence, we improve our own efficiency at the same time as we can create better services to our customers and shift from reactive to predictive security.

The Securitas Operation Center (SOC) is the center of connectivity of our operations. In the SOC, we are overseeing all the operations and the security officers in the field, to support our customers and operations seamlessly – anywhere and anytime. Modern technology is also changing the role of the security officer. Their presence is a unique differentiator as it works as a data capture platform. The security officers are connected in real-time to colleagues, to technology in the customer environment and to the SOC, where trained operators can guide the security officer to the best and most efficient response.

A digital customer interface seamlessly controls their security. Different data sets are used to report our actions and proactively help our customers, notifying them of new risks and suggesting mitigating actions. We can act and respond quickly to incoming events, which will become even more important going forward.

Our customers are looking for a security partner that matches their own digitization ambitions, which has strengthened our aim to further consolidate our position. Every step – adding electronic security, risk analysis and big data – takes us further on this journey. In combination with our strong physical footprint – what we call the power of presence – this enables us to predict, detect and respond. 

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