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Digital Implementation Requires Leadership

| Armin Berchtold | Secretary General, International Security Ligue |


You can think whatever you want about digitalization, but there is no way to stop it or avoid it. Digitalization is on everyone's lips. Many oppose it; many support it. For sure, digitalization is not the “one fits all solution” that will resolve all the problems and avoid all challenges, but it will change our way of doing business in many aspects. 

Just think about the growing amount of data which can be used to analyze, interconnect and finally make more intelligent decisions. More precisely in our industry, drones or robotics or the possibilities of real-time video analytics and the use of sensors and the combined power together with our human intelligence is a huge potential for higher quality services. 

Digitalization in the Security Industry and its accelerated path further into it is a clear trend or even a fact. All the different technologies like drones, robotics, AI, IoT, Cybersecurity, etc. are indeed challenges but also opportunities for us as individuals or organizations, but also for our clients. Our industry can now introduce new value-added services to our clients - services we never dreamed of before. 

All these technologies also present a challenge maintaining them over the service period, and securing them against cyber threats. In the “new world” all elements need to be connected, and this connectivity provides completely new applications or solutions, but as mentioned above also much higher risks regarding Cyber threats. 

On the one hand, it is exciting and creates new opportunities and learnings and also creates new job opportunities. New opportunities will undoubtedly attract new talents to our industry, which we then need to train and develop. The whole training of our security experts will anyway also change quite profoundly – with the appropriate tools, simulations of almost reality situations will be, and this will even better prepare our people for their high-quality service in the field. The better we can train them, the better they can protect the clients and also themselves. 

To summarize in short – no security company can deny the enormous impact of the digitalization to our industry. The way to deal with it can be entirely different by each company or provider; but all of them need to approach it, define the appropriate strategy and then “execute” and deliver. 

The implementation requires leadership from the top to bring technology together with humans and to find the right match to the organizational culture. It is not about 'black or white' or 'human or technology' – it will be more 'as well as' and therefore the most intelligent and valuable combination of both. 

Read more about all exciting concepts, frameworks, statistics and also case studies bringing together technology and humans, the client needs and the professional offers.


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Armin Berchtold
Secretary General

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