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A term explained – «Code of Conduct and Ethics»

Jan 23, 2018 10:00 AM

Issued by | Stefan Huber | International Security Ligue | ComGroup

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"Ethics is knowing the difference between what you have a right to do and what is right to do." The quote is from Potter Stewart who retired from the Supreme Court Justice of the United States in 1981. Effective leaders who build trust, understand that they have to make a difference by examples of their own. Not only in public and private security but specifically in the Security Sector trust is of enormous importance and value. Ethics, compliance, governance, and conduct of the leaders fuel trust.

The International Security Ligue recommends it’s own Code of Conduct and Ethics to all its members as a set of core standards. As to each Security Ligue member signatory to this Code, the provisions of this Code are subject to all applicable laws and the individual Ligue members corporate policies and procedures. 

What is the code addressing?
In principle, it addresses the decision making and governing of actions of the member companies to put their weight into for fair competition and be a good role model for society and industry.

Why is this topic important?
The purpose of the Code is to affirm the Ligue’s commitment to human rights and to set a standard about the way the Ligue members conduct business and interact with stakeholders, to have a positive influence in the society and the communities in which they operate. If we talk about the members, this includes every single employee of that company and her/his everyday efforts in contributing to a safer world.

What is the foundation of the Code?
The Code builds upon principles outlined in established standards issued by 

  • The United Nations (UN)
  • The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)
  • The International Labor Organization (ILO)

Other codes related to private civilian security companies and their services and products, as well as on the Ligue’s “Objective Vision” Declaration of July 1, 2011 also are part of the foundation.

What does the Code cover?
The code is divided into the following elements and explains how to deal with the subject correctly and ethically.

  • Human Rights
  • Laws and Regulations Governing Private Security
  • Business Ethics
  • Working Conditions
  • Environment
  • Compliance and Implementation

True workplace leaders on all levels know what they should do and what is right to do. Be a role model, be a leader for our industry and for our society!

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