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A new look and a new name

May 17, 2017 09:25 AM
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For more than 80 years the «Ligue Internationale des Sociétés de Surveillance» influenced the worldwide market positively and strengthened the role of the private security business. Until recently the visual appearance and a name based on a professional point of view of the thirties of the last century stood for tradition and heritage. These long term values keep their priority but now alongside with todays initiatives.

The visual and the nomenclature have been revised: the future belongs to the «International Security Ligue» and its new look. A strategic and creative process, initiated and guided by the board of the Ligue, has lead to this modern institutional design. The French expression «Ligue» can be called a reminiscence of the industry association’s origins, but the modern logo clearly stands for todays goals and challenges. Member companies carry the International Security Ligue’s Logo as a seal of approval for their compliance to legislation, to fair competition and augmenting quality.

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