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Build your own organization’s culture

Jan 30, 2019 01:03 PM
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How to Prepare the Organization for the Future, a Research Report 
How do you prepare and align organizations for the digital future? Many organizations discover that despite the digitalization hype and the so-called AI, the human factor still plays a vital role. Can the employees deal with the ever-growing complexity? Are they appropriately prepared about the future challenges? Are they willing to adapt and support the increasing influence of machine learning? 

It is an ongoing debate if AI has arrived or if it is only machine learning. Never mind, this is not the topic of this article. Here we wish to create your awareness to think about your own organization’s fitness for its digital future. There are many ingredients needed to prepare the energy-boosting menu; the digital strategy we mentioned above, people; deepening the organization’s skills, and then there is the social risk. Once on your way, you might discover that the risk exposure is on the rise because learning and adequate experimentation is not taking place as expected, we recommend reading the Research report from MIT/Deloitte.


Culture and Organizational Learning Capability 
The aspect of learning is integral part needed of any culture to absorb and embed digital challenges. Education is a prerequisite of an organization, before that the management takes off for the digitalization journey of its organization. Let’s say it bluntly; most organizations are not ready for it. 
Cap Geminis study says that by 2025 about 40% of the Fortune 500 companies will not be here anymore due to their incapability of inheriting digital. It is frightening. We recommend the reading of a ‘digital native,’ from which we traditional organizations can learn.


Digital transformation without a digital culture is impossible
It is not only selling digital products and services, but your people and the whole of the organization must grow and change accordingly. You have to challenge first a few questions about the preparedness of your organization including yourself. See what more BCG has to say about.

Is the organization prepared? Is the current management sufficiently capable of taking the lead in this mindset change? Do the individual managers have the sufficient potential to grow themselves in their role with the growing complexity, in technology, in the interrelated complexity of several aspects, and last but not least the empathy to manage their workforce through the uncertainties. Want to learn from Google? Read this Mc Kinsey article.

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