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Code of Ethics – Where Value and Culture Meet

Apr 03, 2019 08:43 AM
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| Institute for Global Ethics | CECP | Globa Business Ethics Survey | Forbes |

The subject of ethics, or moral philosophy is part of the overall understanding of philosophy. Ethics is systematic, recommending and defending concepts that give guidance to what is right and wrong, justice and crime. With this article, we try to throw light on the subject from four different viewpoints, opinions and surveys. You draw your own conclusion if all the four lead to the same core point. 

The Institute for Global Ethics gives good reasons why ethics matter. Among others; ...“ it encourages loyalty among customer and employees and improves the bottom line,“ values, decision making, culture and moral. Good in society is the force to advance the business of the CECP (The CEO Force for Good), a global CEO-led organization. 

It works with over 200 of the world’s leading companies. It provides among other services a quantitative database from more than 300 companies which shall enable the users to form data-driven societal investment strategies to invest in pressing challenges. 

Another approach to learn from others is via a business ethics survey, conducted by  ECI (Ethics & Compliance Initiative). Apart from the survey conducted for the 11th time in 2018, there are a number of researches done in the field of business ethics. For example, 'Every Leader Sets a Tone.' Check out their page. 

Coming from a fourth side, there is a Forbes’s article you should not miss on this subject. However, it classifies entire countries as ethical and unethical. This article presents a very controversial opinion on this topic. One key finding of the study is; pressure to compromise standards. 

Business ethics refers to the standards of contemporary organizations, norms, sets of values, and principles that govern the behavior and actions of an individual in the business organization.

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