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Digitalization and Logistics / Transportation

Dec 19, 2018 01:14 PM
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| G4S | U.S. Security Associates | 

The three following cases demonstrate not only a cost reduction and efficiency increase of the innermost duty of the security business but also an additional value gain for the customer and its own business and on top an increase in safety and security for the employees of the client and those of the security company. 


Case one: demonstrates the application of access control in a seaport facility. This access control provides a four-factor authentication, including a biometric reader, to be used for monitoring and operating purposes, enabling fast reaction when needed.


Case two: Truck Shipment tracking, for continuous supply chain improvements, the company tracked the trucks across Middle America, from Nicaragua to Honduras on the “highway of death.” The company was using GPS, but the location signals were imprecise and turned out to be a significant threat to the supply chain. The effect was rising costs with no end to see. 
The solution, found by using CTAP certified GPS devices, was SIM cards switching automatically from one to the other provider across the countries. The monitoring integrated with the security firm’s command center in a third country in Mexico City. The primary goal addressed in this case was the safety and security of the shipment. 
However, this case shows clearly, what is possible with data analytics over and above securing safety and security. It helps improve the efficiency of the client's supply chain cost, which can turn out to be the more significant cost- and risk-factor than the possible loss of the shipment followed by the raising insurance cost.


Case three: The economic damage across Europe due to the truck and cargo theft is significant. This case talks about a truck parking concept by using innovative technology, avoiding these type of robberies and traumatic and violent incidents for drivers.

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