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Girls’ Day: Attracting Women for Security Jobs

May 15, 2018 01:19 PM
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| Originating from  |  The Kötter Press Release  | Carsten Gronwald |
| Edited by | Stefan Huber | International Security Ligue | ComGroup |

Even in 2018, there is still a focus on gender when choosing an apprenticeship place or a degree. Schools and companies have attempted to combat this for years, and to interest girls in classically 'male' jobs as well.

The KÖTTER Group is also one of these companies.
It was that time of year again on 26 April: Companies from all over Germany and various European countries invited girls to take part in Girls' Day. As is the tradition, the KÖTTER Group were also involved, with plenty of excitements on offer: How does an alarm system work? What should you take into account when fighting fires? What career opportunities does the service sector offer for young women?

14 female students took the opportunity to get a glimpse behind the scenes of the family company, which is the second largest security service provider in Germany along with Sparte Security, and one of the Top 10 building service providers.

'Grey theory' was off the agenda:
with the fire simulator, the girls had a live experience of how to target and fight blazing flames, were able to prove their tyre changing skills in the workshop, and got to know the range of tasks carried out by IT system electronics technicians.

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