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Introduction of green book for internal security

Jul 26, 2017 11:07 AM
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Gesprächskreis Innere Sicherheit NRW (Discussion group for internal security for NRW) with new perspectives and impulses for new security architecture in North-Rhine Westphalia.

Friedrich P. Kötter: "We finally need central security laws as a basis for the surveillance industry, as is standard in other countries in Europe."

Changed threat levels and new challenges posed by a changing society brings completely new and highly variable challenges to security authorities and private security services. At the same time, the financial capacities of public budget are almost exhausted. This new situation requires new ideas and perspectives from all participants in the public security sector. The security architecture of the North-Rhine Westphalia requires a new look at both strategic and political foundations.

With this background in mind, December 2015 saw an independent and informal group of experts created with the aim of discussing the current challenges posed by the internal security of North-Rhine Westphalia, to subject such to a professional analysis and to bring the key problems to the attention of the political decision-makers. The Gesprächskreis Innere Sicherheit NRW (Discussion group for internal security for NRW) is composed of renowned representatives from police authorities, communities, aid organisations, businesses, media and scientific institutes. By the end of june, the group presented its "Green book" in Düsseldorf.

Friedrich P. Kötter, a member of the KÖTTER board, has contributed intensively to the "Green book of internal security", along with other specialists, such as Frank Richter, Chief of Police in Essen or the Mülheim-based political scientist Dr. Christian Endreß. And within this context, strongly supports central security law:

"The existing legal fragmentation of security issues makes the monitoring and consistent qualification of private security work more complicated. The necessary adaptation of legal foundations to the changed frameworks is long since overdue."

The "Grünbuch Innere Sicherheit/Green book of internal security" is available to download here, in German:


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