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KÖTTER Security Invests Millions in High-Tech Infrastructure: New control centre, modern data centre, high-security area

Jan 04, 2018 02:29 PM

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-> Emergency call and service centre is one of the safest in the industry in Europe
-> Specifications of DIN EN 50518 far exceeded in terms of failure safety and transmission reliability
-> Video management at all ESC workplaces plus videowall sets standards
-> Computer centre and self-sufficient campus supply guarantee maximum availability

Essen (11 December 2017). With a four-million euro strong investment offensive, KÖTTER Security is further expanding its future-oriented security solutions while at the same time setting standards in terms of quality and innovation. The focus is on the new emergency call and service centre (ESC) in Essen. In combination with the high-security area, this goes far beyond the strict requirements of the European standard DIN EN 50518. "We are proud to have one of the most secure ESCs in the industry in the whole of Europe", says Andreas Kaus, Managing Director of Westdeutscher Wach- und Schutzdienst Fritz Kötter SE & Co. KG, part of the KÖTTER Group.

"Our aim is the best possible security for our customers. This aim has been fully achieved with the high-tech infrastructure", Kaus firmly believes.

Central advantages of the control centre at a glance 

Failure safety and transmission reliability: This has the highest priority. With its integrated alarm receiving centre (ARC) in addition to the structural, electronic and mechanical building protection, the ESC is thus fully equipped against power failure, etc. Separate feeds ensure multiply secured power supply; in an absolute crisis, emergency diesel power is used. Redundant structures exist, e.g. also in the air conditioning to prevent overheating in the server rooms. The individual workstations are likewise separately secured so that alarm messages can be processed immediately at a different location. Together with the KÖTTER Net proven since 1999, a fully shielded and self-sufficient security network, as well as the back-up at the alarm receiving centre, customers in this way receive a guaranteed failure-free service in processing the more than 20 million messages per year. Around the clock, 365 days a year.

Digitisation, video management, process optimisation: Here too, the new ESC is a pioneer. Today, video alarm images can even be edited on all workstations. This is supplemented by preliminary alarm checks, in which the ESC specialists analyse the situation on-site via a live video circuit and decide on further measures. If there is no dangerous situation, the alarm technology is reset at the customer object via remote function. “In view of the increasing significance of video management, an absolute strength of our ESC, as many control centres only have one or fewer video workstations,” highlights Kaus. An additional level of performance is provided by the video wall. In complex situations, individual images or specific excerpts can be analysed centrally in large format and high resolution.

At the same time, the video wall optimises the internal coordination, and thus efficient processing for the customer, when an alarm is triggered as all messages are displayed together. Added momentum  is provided for process optimisation through the innovative KVM technology (keyboard, video, mouse). This allows employees to operate different systems over a single interface.

Provider for other control centres: The investment campaign will in future pay off not only for the more than 25,500 connected properties, but also for potential new customers in connecting hazard and building technology. Furthermore, KÖTTER Security is gaining VdS 3138 certification as an alarm provider. In practice this means: Control centres from industry, logistics, services, etc. that are not themselves certified to DIN EN 50518, can cooperate with KÖTTER ESC to gain the status of a certified AES and can also use the KÖTTER ESC as a back-up.  

Ultra-modern ESC workstations in a calm atmosphere: The highest standards also apply when it comes to a healthy working environment. Alongside ergonomics and optimisation through KVM technology, the low noise level of just over 34 dB (equivalent to a calm living space), the pleasant atmosphere and light architecture provide the ideal working area. This also improves concentration when processing messages and customers in turn benefit from higher quality.


Comprehensive IT protection and reliability for the whole campus in Essen

This major investment will be rounded off with an equally new high-tech data data and reliability for the entire campus at the headquarters in Essen. The high standards of DIN EN 50518 are also achieved by connecting the new data centre to ESC and AES. “This is a new phenomenon in the security and services industry with structural and technical IT protection and unrestricted failure and transmission reliability,” underlines Kaus. Further protection against physical attacks or Internet criminality is provided by the back-up system via another data centre with an entirely separate power supply and infrastructure and the high standards of DIN EN 50600 (Data centre infrastructures) and DIN ISO 27001 (Information security management systems). “Many data centres offer the fastest possible processing. But in this era of cybercrime, what counts most for business and the public sector is reliable data, transmission and supply for the entire IT structure,” explains the security expert.    

In addition to maximum IT and data security, the redundant structures and self-sufficient energy supply ensure that work can continue across the entire campus in Essen uninterrupted. Even if there is a complete failure of the public electricity grid, all services will continue to function as normal for customers and employees, such as telephone availability, data exchange, invoice and payroll processing, etc. Kaus: “The KÖTTER Group has thus achieved a milestone in failure and transmission reliability!”


The KÖTTER Group

The KÖTTER group is a modern, innovative group of companies with registered office in Essen, and has been family-owned since it was founded in 1934. For more than 83 years it has served as an experienced and expert partner to companies for their security solutions. The KÖTTER Group is a professional provider of system solutions and offers customised security services, security technology, cleaning and personnel services from a single source. Last year the KÖTTER Group generated revenues of €545 million from its more than 50 locations in Germany and employs around 18,900 staff. Please visit for more information.

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