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Leadership measured through the Lenses of Business Ethics and Sustainability

Dec 13, 2018 01:26 PM
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| MIT/BCG |  ECI (ethics&compliance initiative |

Over the last two decades to address the importance of sustainability has been ever- growing. In the 90s corporates focused primarily on shareholder maximization. Now more and more are confronted with an ever-growing complexity of their businesses in an also increasing complex stakeholder environment. Critical business issues stay in complex dependencies of strategic and operational issues. Also, the clients and the public by large, get more and more a significant stake of influence over the direction a company can take. Influencing through the fast-growing social media became easy for everyone. 

News flows faster and in a less controllable manner across the globe, No matter if real or fake the challenge is growing to corporate boards and executives, and they have to prepare for the unexpected at any given time. To tackle these complexities and growing access to instant news there are two essential corner pillars inbuilt in the corporate architecture; a sound pillar of ethics and another one of doing business sustainably. 

Corporate Sustainability at a cross road, is a summary finding of a study (2009-2016) executed by MIT Sloan Management Review and The Boston Consulting Group. "Research shows that companies can develop profitable and workable sustainability strategies to reduce their impact on the global environment by incorporating eight key lessons.“

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