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Securitas’ AB President and CEO suffers identity theft – with a good ending

Jul 26, 2017 01:09 PM
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First Alf Göransson becomes a victim of an identity theft, second his identity was fraudulently used to obtain a loan, followed a falsified bankruptcy declaration.

Finally the nightmare comes to a good ending; The Swedish Companies Registration Office has immediately re-registered Alf Göransson as President and CEO of Securitas AB on the same day the 12. July 2017 after the decision from the Court of Appeal was very swiftly taken.

According to police sources, such a severe fraudulent theft and abuse of an ID as in the case of Göransson is very unusual.

But how it could it come this far? Read more on the press releases of, and other media.

Identity thefts - physical and also cyber theft – are growing at a fast pace worldwide. This severe incident hit a President and CEO of an international company . For this reason this case was heavily exposed in international media and catches our attention.

This topic is covered by many interesting articles in the media with many advices on how you can protect yourself as an individual.

Read more about how you can do so with a few basic preventive measures and actions in case of the unwanted.

This short report is based on the press releases from Securitas AB ( on July 12, 2017


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