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Security Market

The market of private security services represents a worldwide revenue of more than 200 billion USD in 2015 (estimate: Freedonia Group. Inc.).

This business is mainly about a characteristic requirement: security, protection and service needs that exceed the governmental basic services and general security level. The ligue’s members companies encounter specific risks and complement the individual as well as public security concepts. As professional, flexible partners, they form an important pillar in an ordered economical and social everyday life. Professional private security enterprises contribute to quality of life and prosperity in national economies around the world.

Security service providers are active around the globe. At the opposite side of a wide variety of markets stands a remarkably simple driver for security needs: the constant social, economical and political change. Change is the main challenge for security providers in their every day business and it also defines the «raison d’être» of the International Security Ligue.

Developments of the past decades confirm an ongoing combination of human capabilities and intuition with continuously better technical solutions. The member companies of the Ligue constantly push forward the synergies between the human being and technical systems.

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